Sunday, October 25, 2009


I have had several different jobs in my lifetime and the one I enjoyed the least was Telemarketer. This was a pretty easy job to get when I was in college, and my roommate was making good money with it at the time (She’s a talker, and I still love her today for it.). Besides developing a thick skin, it was my first lesson in the numbers game. I cannot remember exactly how it goes, but for every 100 calls you make, 80 will hang up or tell you to go to hell, 20 will actually listen and 1 will result in a sale. I am not sure if that is exactly correct, but hopefully the point is clear. I learned that more I put myself out there, the more I had a chance of getting what I wanted, which at the time was to pay my rent and sorority dues.

Since then, I have applied this theory to other aspects of my life. When I moved to Seattle, I learned that the more times I put myself out there joining clubs, going to events and going out to new places the more people I would meet that could lead to more friends. I also, have used this when looking for jobs. The more companies I talked to the more I learned about what would work for me, thus find a good match for them and me. I met my husband online (I am not ashamed admit it.). I found the more men I talked to and dated, the more I narrowed down my tastes and preferences. I made it a rule to always be talking to a minimum of 5 guys at all times with at least one date or more a week. This resulted in my meeting the nicest, most compassionate and supportive man ever, and gladly accepting his marriage proposal a year later.

So, I find myself obsessing about the number of follicles I have ready and waiting to become mature by the nice and expensive drugs I am pumping through my body. Right now, it is a lucky number 16. (Brief fertility lesson – We are born with a certain number of follicles that turn into eggs that we are ever going to have. At the beginning of each cycle, the follicles that were scheduled for that month come up to the plate. These were the follicles that have been scheduled for October of 2009 ever since I was born. So, this cohort, which I believe is the term, are the 16 follicles that I am referring.) I have heard of some women having 30+ at this stage in the game. However, I think there is a point where having too many is not good with all the miracle grow drugs they give you. My number is perfectly acceptable; however, according my rules the more the better. I need to be happy with what I have right now, and try and distract myself. Therefore instead of looking at how many follicles I have, I am going to count how many pokes I have had (dirty), to get to this point. By pokes, I mean how many needles have I endured to date on my quest to have a child. Below are my calculations to date:

Blood draws: 16
Acupuncture: 162
Injections: 33
Total: 211

Now those are some numbers! That is what I am talking about! I hope everyone had a great weekend not obsessing about your numbers!

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