Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Two Two and Two

- First thanks for the advice on the the free stuff. I was able to buy bedding this week and that made a little more in control. If you want to check it out the link is below: http://www.potterybarnkids.com/products/sophie-nursery-bedding/?pkey=bgirls-nursery-bedding

- Today I am 22 weeks and 2 days! It reminds me of the show Love Connection from the 80s, where the host Chuck Wholery would always say, "We will be back in two and two," when the show went to commercial. The fact that I remember that show proves that I am old. It also proves that I have a long long history of watching really crappy TV. Regardless, I am excited to be two two and two. One day at a time, I guess.

- Greg and I are very very frugal. As a result, I have been combing the Seattle area the last few days in search of the perfect drum shade light that will go over our new kitchen table. My problem is that what I want is not within my budget. I will get it figured out. I am determined.

- Little girl is kicking away in there. Today I actually saw a kick for the first time. It was pretty cool.

- I am going to admit, I am one of those people. I have tickets to see Twilight tomorrow. I am glad that the movies are getting further along in the series. Bella really annoyed me at the begining or the book series. Kristin Stewart is the perfect actress to play her because her "I hate being famous", routine gets on my nerves too. I am sure in real life she is a nice person, but I kind of feel like if you don't want to be famous you don't have to be. Just my opinion.

- My doctor scared the crap out of me today by leaving me a message to confirm that everything from my anatomy scan last week looked great. I thought that was fantastic that she took the time to call about it. However, I have always thought doctors call personally if the news is bad, so I was suprised to find she called with good news.

All in all things are going well. I hope everyone else out there is having a good Tuesday!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Two in One Week!!!

- The last day or so, I am feeling much better. Sometimes I feel like pregnancy feels like constantly being hungover. I know I will feel better, but it just not knowing how long I am going to feel bad.

- I am fairly overwhelmed with our big move. Currently, we have people doing some work on the new house and that is going well. Two weeks ago we had the hardwood floors refinished. Last week electricians came in to add another circuit upstairs so that we can use the washer and dryer connections up there with the air conditioner. They also updated some things that were found during the inspection. The contractor has started some miscellaneous projects in the basement. Today the painter is getting started. We are making progress, but I know we have a long way to go. Packing has me overwhelmed because physically I cannot keep up the same.

- I have gotten out for more walks this week, but need to keep working on it. One walk included a stop at the local ice cream shop. Not sure that one counts. Good effort though.

- I am finally feeling confident enough to research baby gear. I asked one friends (she has two girls) to help me come up with a registry and her answer was that I can have all of her stuff. She even had a bunch of stuff brought to my house without me knowing. Another friend offered a crib and changing table. On top of that, my MIL will buy way way more clothes and things than we need. I am really excited about the stuff and the prospect of spending less money especially considering we are doing more than our fair share of stimulating the economy these days. However, I worked really really hard for this pregnancy and it has not been an easy road since getting pregnant. I want to research, I want to register, and I want to get some of my own stuff. Since I was the second daughter in my own family, I have had a lifetime of hand me downs. I appreciate the free stuff for sure, but I want some of my own stuff too. I am working to figure out a way to balance all this wonderful generosity with my own desire to get ready for this baby myself. I hope I don't sound too ungrateful!!! If anyone has advice, I am open to it.

- I did not get to watch Bethenny Getting Married? last night. After suffering through the lost footage from Real Housewives of New York, Greg had had enough. Bravo has reruns on constantly so I am sure I will get to catch up. The New York cast is my favorite even though they were a little out there this season. Bethenny is also my favorite among them. I love her snarkiness. I really like her new show especially since she is knocked up. I am glad to hear there are other Real Housewives out there that share my obsession!

- Best baby news of the week. We had to go in yesterday for another ultrasound because there were some spine measurements from the anatomy scan that baby girl would not get in position to get. She was more than cooperative this time. Good girl! She was as cute as ever sucking her thumb with her foot in the air. She had the hiccups for a bit too. I am feeling more and more movement as time goes on (hopefully, I didn't just jinx myself). I have found that she likes music. According to some of my reading, she should be able to hear some things now. When I put some earphones on my tummy, she starts moving more. Either she hates it and is trying to tell me to stop or she is dancing. I would like to think she is dancing. Her maternal grandmother and paternal grandfather were both musically inclined, so there is some potential for her as well.

- Two posts in one week! I know the bullets are kind of obnoxious, but they just might work.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


- I am going to apologize for this post and the hopefully several to come that are in bullet form. I have so many posts that are swirling in my head all the time, that I never get out. I am thinking about it too much instead of just doing it. I know when I first started to work out I started small to build the habit and maybe I can do the same with writing. Better to do something than nothing, I guess. So, it is bullets for now.

- I overdid it this weekend and I am paying the price. I helped a friend get ready for her 1 year old's party all day Friday. Then attended the party on Saturday. Sunday we had a party for one of my close friend's 40th birthday at our new house (that we have not moved into yet). All parties were great. However, the Sunday party was a little stressful because it rained a lot and it was an outdoor party because we have not moved in. Plus, we just refinished the floors, so inside was not an option. Luckily, we were able to pull together several tents and built two different fires. Needless to say, it was too much for this pregnant girl. I am not the party girl I used to be and it isn't necessarily the lack of alcohol.

- I woke up Monday with a sore throat and bad headache. However, with a little accupuncture and lots of Vitamin C, I am feeling a bit better.

- Prior to being pregnant, I worked out about 4 or 5 times a week and ate fairly well. Pregnancy has reverted me back to my 18 year old carefree habits. I hardly ever work out and my diet could be better. I am trying, but it is just not happening. I read the other day that she can now taste what I am eating and it will form her preferences. My carefree ways need to change. I am going to put it out there though that I am going to work out at least 3 times this week. I find that if I am more active, I start to make better food choices. I will keep you posted.

- I have been feeling some movement for about two or three weeks. Some days I feel more than others, and I freak out if I think it has been too long. Sometimes I jiggle my stomach to wake her up to move. If I were her, I would be highly annoyed and wouldn't do it just to prove a point to my annoying mother.

- I watched Tori Spelling and Dean McDermont on Ellen DeGenress show today. They were trying to be funny by talking about farting and nipples. Ellen clearly thought they were stupid and it made me laugh.

- Speaking of really bad TV, I cannot stop myself from watching anything and everything Real Housewives. Please, I need an intervention. Maybe I should start working out instead. I don't know, just a thought.

Hope everyone is doing well and I hope to be around a bit more!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Anatomy Scan

We had our anatomy scan yesterday, and everything looks good! Brain, heart, kidneys, bladder, arms, legs, spine, and placenta looked good. She had trouble getting one measurment around the neck and spine because the baby would not get in the correct position. Therefore, I am going back in about 2 weeks to try again.

We also found out that we are having a GIRL!!!!! I am really really excited!!! I think Greg is a tad disappointed it is not a boy, but isn't really showing it. I think he will be a really good Dad for a girl. He is so sweet and thoughtful, which all girls need.