Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wondering Thoughts 3-28-2010

Warning: Pregnancy symptoms mentioned and slightly whiny.

- I wonder if anyone will notice if I wear the same two sweaters and yoga pants everyday for the next 3 weeks. I am not ready mentally for maternity clothes, but my stomach is poking out a little, and it is becoming uncomfortable.

- I think pregnancy has reverted my stomach back to when I was 12 years. I am eating foods I have not touched nor thought about in years. Pop tarts and chef boyardee are fantastic.

- I wonder if they need to do an ultrasound on my butt because I think I might be growing a triplet there. Baby's got some back, if you know what I mean. Maybe it is the PIO (progesterone in oil) shots. Is it possible for PIO to cause new cellulite to appear. . . or maybe it is the pop tarts and chef boyardee? I think it is too soon to tell.

- I think I may have become the laziest person alive. All I do is sleep and eat. I can no longer clean the house or even read a book.

- I wonder if I will ever be able to cook again. Even making a grilled cheese sandwich turns my stomach. Now, you understand the chef boyardee and pop tarts.

- I have noticed that things that used to only mildly gross me out now make me full on gag. Speaking of, I have found hairs that were not mine in two restaurant meals within the last week. I wonder if they are always in food that I am eating, but pregnancy has given me x-ray vision to see them. Honestly, I don't want to know the answer to that, and will just say I have had some bad luck this week.

- I think I may need to go to rehab to ween myself off of PIO and estrogen patches. It scared the crap out of me when my doctor told me they would just take me off of them cold turkey in about a week or so. Does my body know how to do this without their help? I am not quite convinced.

- I wonder if my sister is going to ask me everyday of my pregnancy if I have any new cravings. I am having a hard enough time with food without having to constantly talk about it. Sorry.

- I never ever in my life thought I would say this, but I am tired of just eating and sleeping. I am hoping for just a bit more energy.

Hopefully, I will write more soon.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Scooby and Scrappy

I hope everyone is doing well out in the Internet world. Yesterday we went in for another ultrasound. We saw TWO heartbeats yesterday. We have decided to call them Scooby (Twin A) and Scrappy(Twin B) for now. One it seems appropriate given the situation and also I used Scooby and Scrappy band aids for shots. Scooby is measuring about a day ahead (7w4d) and had a heartbeat of 159. On the other hand, Scrappy is measuring about 5 days behind and has a heartbeat of 113 (which I think is pretty good for 6w5d). So, it appears that Scrappy implanted a few days behind Scooby, which actually goes along with what I felt around implantation time. Both the ultrasound tech and doctor said that they see this more often in FETs, and that we should not be worried at all. Of course, the infertile in me is going to worry, but I am not as worried as I would have thought. I am feeling much better emotionally. Physically, I am not feeling the best, but that makes me happy and helps contribute to feeling better emotionally.

I am still having some computer issues, so I have not been able to post pics yet. However, I will try to figure something out soon.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happily Worried

I am having computer issues, so I am working from one our spare laptops. However, I wanted to give an update. We went in today for our first ultrasound. There was some good news and some unsure news. Both embryos implanted and had gestational sacs, yolk sacs, and fetal poles. They both measured on track. Twin A had a very strong heartbeat at 125. She could not confirm cardiac activity on Twin B. There was a flutter, but she could not tell if it was my heartbeat or the baby's. Also, she said that the position it was in made it more difficult to locate. It is possible to have a late implanter, I guess. I go back in next week to see how both of them are doing. I am not sure really how to feel. Totally excited about Twin A, but worried about Twin B. So, I guess I am happily worried?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bring IT

I have mentioned on this blog many times that I love love love acupuncture. I have become addicted and become convinced that it cures anything that ails me. Hang nail . . . Stacie, my acupuncturist, can fix that. Problems going to the bathroom. . . Stacie can make it happen. Headache today . . . Stacie will make it go away. Egg quality issues. . . Stacie is on top of it. Bruise on my arm. . . Stacie can even fix that too. I have a vague idea of how it all works, but honestly I primarily like the high I get after each session, and it seems to do the trick for any physical or emotional symptom I might have.

Last Thursday, I came in beaming to let Stacie know that after 10 months of working together on my fertility issues, we finally had success. I thanked her for all her help and advice. I told her I was having trouble sleeping, cramping a lot and feeling really bloated. After we went over some things I should expect, how we would schedule appointments moving forward, and different things she thought I should do, she started to do her needling. Soon, I was out like a light and felt like a new woman upon waking.

On Friday my constant cramping started to taper off, and I was sleeping through the night. By Sunday, I was having them just a few times during the day. The nervousness started to kick back in and before I knew it I was googling "cramps going away at 5 weeks." Even though my boobs continued to be sore intermittently and seemed to be getting larger by the minute, I was worried. The exhaustion during the afternoon was also not convincing me either. Then it hit me, Stacie along with some pelvic opening yoga poses she suggested had done their magic on my symptoms. Just like she helps my asthma and makes my digestion improve for a few days after a session, she helped relive my cramps and sleeping problems too.

Today, I went in again for another acupuncture session, and had to have a talk with Stacie. She can work on my asthma, my headaches, my anxiety, but please please do not take away my symptoms. Anything that shows me that I have a sweet little baby growing inside me is off limits. I want want want and NEED symptoms. As a matter of fact, I would gladly welcome more . A little nausea would make me the happiest person ever. I am also happy to report that the cramps are back. Bring IT!