Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bring IT

I have mentioned on this blog many times that I love love love acupuncture. I have become addicted and become convinced that it cures anything that ails me. Hang nail . . . Stacie, my acupuncturist, can fix that. Problems going to the bathroom. . . Stacie can make it happen. Headache today . . . Stacie will make it go away. Egg quality issues. . . Stacie is on top of it. Bruise on my arm. . . Stacie can even fix that too. I have a vague idea of how it all works, but honestly I primarily like the high I get after each session, and it seems to do the trick for any physical or emotional symptom I might have.

Last Thursday, I came in beaming to let Stacie know that after 10 months of working together on my fertility issues, we finally had success. I thanked her for all her help and advice. I told her I was having trouble sleeping, cramping a lot and feeling really bloated. After we went over some things I should expect, how we would schedule appointments moving forward, and different things she thought I should do, she started to do her needling. Soon, I was out like a light and felt like a new woman upon waking.

On Friday my constant cramping started to taper off, and I was sleeping through the night. By Sunday, I was having them just a few times during the day. The nervousness started to kick back in and before I knew it I was googling "cramps going away at 5 weeks." Even though my boobs continued to be sore intermittently and seemed to be getting larger by the minute, I was worried. The exhaustion during the afternoon was also not convincing me either. Then it hit me, Stacie along with some pelvic opening yoga poses she suggested had done their magic on my symptoms. Just like she helps my asthma and makes my digestion improve for a few days after a session, she helped relive my cramps and sleeping problems too.

Today, I went in again for another acupuncture session, and had to have a talk with Stacie. She can work on my asthma, my headaches, my anxiety, but please please do not take away my symptoms. Anything that shows me that I have a sweet little baby growing inside me is off limits. I want want want and NEED symptoms. As a matter of fact, I would gladly welcome more . A little nausea would make me the happiest person ever. I am also happy to report that the cramps are back. Bring IT!


  1. Nice!!! I know what you mean...symptoms are GOOD and very reassuring!!! :)

  2. My first acupuncture appt is tomorrow- we figured if we are spending $10k on ivf, we might as well shell out a much less amount to pair up acu. with ivf! I hope it will help us bring our baby home...

  3. I also LOOOOOOOOOOOVE symptoms!!! Glad you are doing well!

  4. Things are going so well for you! i hope that the acupuncture continues to help all but your pregnancy symptoms!
    Can't wait to find out how many you have in there! Very exciting!