Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happily Worried

I am having computer issues, so I am working from one our spare laptops. However, I wanted to give an update. We went in today for our first ultrasound. There was some good news and some unsure news. Both embryos implanted and had gestational sacs, yolk sacs, and fetal poles. They both measured on track. Twin A had a very strong heartbeat at 125. She could not confirm cardiac activity on Twin B. There was a flutter, but she could not tell if it was my heartbeat or the baby's. Also, she said that the position it was in made it more difficult to locate. It is possible to have a late implanter, I guess. I go back in next week to see how both of them are doing. I am not sure really how to feel. Totally excited about Twin A, but worried about Twin B. So, I guess I am happily worried?


  1. Keeping everything crossed for Twin B!! Much love, Fran

  2. I'll be praying for you and both of your little ones. I hope Twin B is showing a great, strong heartbeat next week.

  3. Congratulations on Twin A!!! I'll say a prayer for Twin B and hope that you have great news next week!! :)

  4. Oh wow, that sounds very similar to my situation. How many weeks are you along? It's so hard to be in this place - I'm glad for the strength of baby A's heartbeat and hoping that baby B pulls through too. It's bittersweet I know. Good luck! I'll be thinking of you all:)

  5. I will be praying for your little ones! Please keep us posted. Will also be praying that you will feel peace as you await the next peek on your babies (hug)

  6. Glad to hear about Baby A, hoping for the best for Baby B! I know my Dr. told me Baby B is always harder to measure this early on...

    Good luck at the next ultrasound!!!

  7. the curse of the in-between!
    very happy for babyA, and very hopeful for babyB (just shy)--
    and gosh, the hard and the soft of it. I wish somehow there could just be one big WIN that is absent of all but.... or if.....
    Hoping next week shows two perfect babies.
    take care of you-

  8. twin a is so strong! yay! i'm keeping everything crossed for your appointment next week. i bet twin b is just a little shy!