Friday, June 25, 2010

Two in One Week!!!

- The last day or so, I am feeling much better. Sometimes I feel like pregnancy feels like constantly being hungover. I know I will feel better, but it just not knowing how long I am going to feel bad.

- I am fairly overwhelmed with our big move. Currently, we have people doing some work on the new house and that is going well. Two weeks ago we had the hardwood floors refinished. Last week electricians came in to add another circuit upstairs so that we can use the washer and dryer connections up there with the air conditioner. They also updated some things that were found during the inspection. The contractor has started some miscellaneous projects in the basement. Today the painter is getting started. We are making progress, but I know we have a long way to go. Packing has me overwhelmed because physically I cannot keep up the same.

- I have gotten out for more walks this week, but need to keep working on it. One walk included a stop at the local ice cream shop. Not sure that one counts. Good effort though.

- I am finally feeling confident enough to research baby gear. I asked one friends (she has two girls) to help me come up with a registry and her answer was that I can have all of her stuff. She even had a bunch of stuff brought to my house without me knowing. Another friend offered a crib and changing table. On top of that, my MIL will buy way way more clothes and things than we need. I am really excited about the stuff and the prospect of spending less money especially considering we are doing more than our fair share of stimulating the economy these days. However, I worked really really hard for this pregnancy and it has not been an easy road since getting pregnant. I want to research, I want to register, and I want to get some of my own stuff. Since I was the second daughter in my own family, I have had a lifetime of hand me downs. I appreciate the free stuff for sure, but I want some of my own stuff too. I am working to figure out a way to balance all this wonderful generosity with my own desire to get ready for this baby myself. I hope I don't sound too ungrateful!!! If anyone has advice, I am open to it.

- I did not get to watch Bethenny Getting Married? last night. After suffering through the lost footage from Real Housewives of New York, Greg had had enough. Bravo has reruns on constantly so I am sure I will get to catch up. The New York cast is my favorite even though they were a little out there this season. Bethenny is also my favorite among them. I love her snarkiness. I really like her new show especially since she is knocked up. I am glad to hear there are other Real Housewives out there that share my obsession!

- Best baby news of the week. We had to go in yesterday for another ultrasound because there were some spine measurements from the anatomy scan that baby girl would not get in position to get. She was more than cooperative this time. Good girl! She was as cute as ever sucking her thumb with her foot in the air. She had the hiccups for a bit too. I am feeling more and more movement as time goes on (hopefully, I didn't just jinx myself). I have found that she likes music. According to some of my reading, she should be able to hear some things now. When I put some earphones on my tummy, she starts moving more. Either she hates it and is trying to tell me to stop or she is dancing. I would like to think she is dancing. Her maternal grandmother and paternal grandfather were both musically inclined, so there is some potential for her as well.

- Two posts in one week! I know the bullets are kind of obnoxious, but they just might work.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. It is great to see another update = ) I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better but sorry about the stress with your move.

    I am starting to think about baby gear too... although every time I do, I feel a little nervous about. That is very generous of your friends to give to you her baby things but I think it is definitely understandable that you would like to register as well. I am sorry I do not have any great advice.

    I am glad you were able to see your little girl on the u/s again. I am jealous too = ) I am going to ask my dr next week about having another u/s to help with my anxiety lately. Very cool about the music and movement. I think I might try that soon!!

    Keep the updates coming!!! I love reading them = )

  2. My only advice in terms of getting the baby stuff is to decide what things YOU want and if those aren't the ones being given to you, you can always register for them. I think most people understand that, especially with your first baby, you want to make decisions for your house and baby.

    I don't think people will be offended if you are gracious.

    As for RHONY, it's my favorite cast, too! I love Bethenny--I find myself tearing up on her show often! I guess because it's nice to see her so happy and in love and I love to hear her talk about the baby. I missed it last night, too, but if you have DVR or a cable system that you can go in and watch old TV shows (we have Comcast and have it), you can probably find it on there. That's how I watched it today and the new one was really cute!

  3. Thanks for the advice comment on my blog. I'm not going to call (It's now 10:30 p.m. Pacific), just take the estr.ace and NOT worry (or at least try).

    So glad your story ended happily!!