Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My First

The first time I needed to find a doctor on my own, I called my Mom for advice. She suggested that I find a female doctor. Her theory was that a male doctor could never understand my body as well as a female. I have always used this as a rule when looking for a medical provider. I have a female dentist, female dermatologist, female therapist, female internist and female obgyn. When I originally called our Fertility Clinic, I was excited to be able to see a female RE. She left the practice in July and to be honest, I didn’t think she was the best doctor ever, so I was not completely disappointed. She recommended that I continue my care with Dr. NiceGuy in the same practice. . . a male. I eagerly accepted because he has an excellent reputation and has helped a few of our other friends achieve pregnancy after some long battles with infertility.

However, on the eve of my first ultrasound with the magic wand by Dr. NiceGuy, I am a bit nervous. Now, I am wishing I had broken myself in with at least a male dermatologist. I know it is completely silly and stupid to be nervous about a male doctor giving me an exam versus a female, but it seems a little weird. He is a kind, knowledgeable doctor with an excellent manner that immediately puts me at ease. I guess the good part is it is taking my mind off the fact that if all looks good tomorrow, we will be officially starting this. Tomorrow we sign on the dotted line that we are going to go through with this, we agree that they can take eggs out of me and sperm from Greg and unite them in a petri dish (romantic), that we will pay for it if the insurance doesn’t, and that we will pay a storage fee for any extra frozen embryos (God willing). It is kind of a big deal. It is exciting, but very scary at the same time. It could be the best thing we have ever done or it could extremely disappointing. So, in retrospect the whole male doctor looking up my hoo-ha is not that big of a deal. Plus, I know I will be in good hands, literally I guess. On that note, I will keep you posted.

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