Friday, October 23, 2009

I Think I Might Have Been His First Too . . .

I think I might have been his first too. . . We went in yesterday morning for the suppression check and Dr. NiceGuy brought a resident in for the ultrasound. He looked more like someone that I needed to sit down and explain the birds and bees, then an expert on my whoo-ha and ovaries (it is still a strange experience for me to have doctors even look my age, much less like someone I may have babysat ). After we exchanged introductions and pleasantries, Dr. NiceGuy and Dr. YoungGuy began preparing the magic wand with a condom (for my protection) and some lube. Dr YoungGuy did an excellent job. He had a bit of a hard time locating my ovaries. However, with all the medicine, poking and prodding over the last year, my ovaries have been hiding the last few months. They are feeling a bit violated and wish everyone would leave them alone. This too has happened with the most skilled nurses and ultrasound technicians in the office before, so I will cut Dr. YoungGuy some slack. With some coaching from Dr. NiceGuy, the ovaries were found and there were no cysts, which is great news. It looked like there were about 16 resting follicles between the two ovaries. They always seem a little vague on this number, so it could be more or less, but I am going to go with 16. After consulting Google, it looks like this is normal for someone my age. It is not a stellar number like a woman in her twenties, but not something to be disappointed about either. The bloodwork to check my estrogen level came back showing that my reproductive system has in fact shut down, so we cut back on the Lup.ron to about a ¼ of what it has been (we continue with the Lup.ron so that my body does not ovulate on its own) and we started stimulation shots tonight. They also drew blood to make sure that I now have the antibody for the chicken pox and we will not get those test results back until Monday. All in all, I am excited with the news

From my previous experience with IUIs, I know that this stage can be a bit nerve racking. Not only is my body being pumped up with hormones, but it is now game time. Starting on Tuesday, we will go in every other day or everyday until the egg retrieval. We will be going in to monitor the follcles to see how they are growing. Once we get enough that are over 18mm they will do the egg retrieval. I am not sure of the number they will want over 18, so I need to research that. It is the time where I usually begin to start obsessing about how things are progressing. Since my follicles have stalled out before I worry whether or not they are growing and this time I am going to worry about how many too. Besides taking my shots, going to acupuncture and trying to relax, there is not much I can do about it. I am going to do whatever I can to get my mind off of it though. The plan this week is to try and go swimming twice, do yoga every day, walk most days, volunteer 3 days, read my trashy romance novel, work on my blog, regular house maintenance and finish organizing our office for my Mom’s visit. If anyone has any ideas of things to help take my mind off of it, I am open. I am also collecting movies to watch. Suggestions are always welcome.

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  1. Hello! Congrats on passing your supp check! I can't think of any good movies I have seen recently...that is sort of sad. I'll have to think about that one... I am swimming right now as well, but I am not sure how long I will do that. I need to look up exercise restrictions, because I think swimming might be a no-no during the later part of stimming? Probably depends on how long/intense the swimming is. Anyhow, good luck with stims and this cycle!