Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mom Strikes Again

After yoga and a delightful dinner in front of the TV, I fire up the laptop and hit Facebook to see what has happened in the world since I left it this morning. Among the pictures, NY Times links and other ramblings I notice that many women are posting a color in their status. I first consult Google to find out what is going on and then I also notice that I have an e-mail in my FB inbox giving me the details. Basically, women are listing what color bra they have on to raise awareness for breast cancer.

I go back to my cyberstalking as I ponder whether or not I want to participate. Then I see it . . . MY MOM announcing to the world what color bra she is wearing. I get it is a good cause. I get that "everyone else is doing it". I get that I should be proud of her for being socially conscious. I get that it isn't that big of a deal. Regardless, I just threw up a little in my mouth. Now I need to go warn my husband to skip over her post. I hope my old roommate, friend from high school, third grade teacher and former soccer teammate skip it too! I love my Mom and I am proud of her, but ugh.

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  1. Moms on FB...hahaha...mine is there too! She posts all kinds of crazy and embarrasing things and I'm not sure if she realizes yet that everyone she is friends with (and I'm friends with)can read exactly what she is thinking (or wearing in your case.) Good to know my mom isn't the only one out there who is embarrasing her daughter. :)