Wednesday, December 2, 2009

WTF? Still Don't Have a Clue.

Yesterday we met with Dr. NiceGuy for our WTF appointment. I have learned many things about the fertility clinic since becoming a patient there 10 months ago. Examples would be the following: blood drawn before 12 gets results back the same day, the front desk receptionist likes grande mocha in the morning, the majority of the medical assistants are clueless and I just have to keep pressing them to get what I want and the lab and the clinic bill separately. However, the most important thing I have learned is that IVF means you get face time with the doctor, and when IVF does not work you get to spend an hour and half with the doctor telling you how sorry he is. I felt like we were pushing him out the door instead of the reverse.

Overall, the appointment went well. His basic thought was that I stimmed well, the retrieval went well, the fertilization went well and the transfer went well. He thought my eggs looked good, uterine lining looked good and Greg’s sperm was good. (then WTF?) The only slightly abnormal thing was that from Day 3 to Day 5 typically about 50% of the embryos survive. We had 36% of our embryos survive. Although this was lower than expected, he felt that the 4 embryos we had looked very good. He felt that the thing we learned from this is that we can do this. He felt like it is a matter of time for us and we should try again.

In many ways it feels good to hear that there is no reason why this cannot work, if we just keep trying. Hopefully the numbers will fall in our favor at some point. In other ways, we wish we knew what we were up against, so that we could face our challenges and make decisions accordingly. Then we remember that this way there is hope that with time, patience and a crapload of money this will work at some point.

So, what is next? Since it has been 10 months since I had my HsG, he wants to do a Saline Infusion Sonogram to check my uterus out again. We have to decide if we want to do another fresh or frozen cycle. (I will write more on this later.) There are pros and cons for both. Depending on what we decide I may go on BCPs (birth control pills) with my next period or wait until my January cycle to continue. Regardless, I am excited to have a break from medicine regimes, appointment scheduling, ovulation tracking and reproductive researching. I am hoping to actually write a few blog posts that do not involve what is going on in lower half of my body. I am excited to have a few drinks, eat some raw fish, enjoy the holidays and look forward to a new year!


  1. Wow, a 90 minute appt. I can not imagine talking with my RE for that length of time. Good luck with the HSG - have you had the saline kind before? I've had both...and they were each fine. The saline one gave me a few cramps, but my uterus is just retarded I think.
    I look forward to reading your pros/cons for a fresh vs frozen cycle!

  2. That's wonderful that your RE gave you so much time after your IVF failed. (Ours only called me on the phone and and gave me about 3 minutes.) I hope that your second attempt, be it fresh or frozen, is it for you!! It sounds like you just got the short end of the stick this time and that next time your luck will change!! :) I'll be following...

  3. I'm so sorry they weren't able to give you a definite answer, but am glad to hear there is so much reason to hope that next time will be a success.

    Let me know when you are ready for cocktails and sushi. :)

  4. I'm interested to hear your fresh v. frozen post. It will be nice to take a break during the holidays. Good luck with whatever your decide!